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Computer / Notebooks - ¹q¸£¤Îµ§°O¥»
Selections of PC or Notebooks for your business...


Nework Security & Storage - ºôµ¸«O¦w¤ÎÀx¦s
Prevention is better than remedy.

Printers & Scanners- ¥´¦L¾÷¤Î±½´y¾¹
Fits your office use. Not just printings but also integration with computers or equipments.

Software Packages - ®M¸Ë³n¥ó
Commercial software for modern business sector. 줽ǮMγn...

Power Protection - ¹q·½«OÅ@
Make power stable & reliable to protect equipments.

Servers & Options - ¦øªA¾¹¤Î°t¥ó
Business servers for internal use or located in data centres...

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