Email Antispam Service - 反垃圾電郵服務

Stoneast Mailguard service is a Virus and Spam management solutions for email. Guarantee to reduce more than 90% spams within 3 months.
- Now upgraded to Load Balancing Servers

Multi-layer analysis - 多層分析過濾

IP Analysis

Virus Scanning

Spam Fingerprints Check

Image Analysis

Bayesian Analysis

Spam Rules

Policy (User-define)

Application scopes - 適用範圍
Whole domain *
Internet Mail server (Exchange / Linux / Lotus Notes / Office 365)
Exsting ISP email address, e.g. *; *, *

Benefits & advantages - 優點
Save lot of staff time to identify the spams (節省職員時間分辨垃圾郵件,妨礙日常工作)
Save lot of bandwidth in transfering spams in our broadband line to your office (避免因大量垃圾電郵, 影響公司寛頻下載速度及時間)
No installation required (用戶電腦無須安裝軟件或設定)

Client Reference - 客戶參考
Amnesty International Hong Kong (國際特赦組織香港分會)
Yiu Wah Printing Products Co., Ltd
Nataco Development (H.K.) Limited

歡迎咨詢及試用, Tel: 2119 0843


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