Maintenance Services
Provide total IT support & maintenance for business in Hong Kong. 我們為香港各中小型公司提供外判電腦及網路維護計畫。
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Software system automation
軟件系統能自動化商業操作過程, 減少資料出錯的機會, 節省人力資源。
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Antispam Services
Stoneast Mailguard Anti-spam Gateway is a Virus and Spam management solutions for email. Guarantee to reduce more than 90% spams within 3 months.
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Software applications
我們保証為你建議的方案, 不但是提供軟件, 也提供系統設計分析, 為你訂造最佳商業方案。
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Network Camera Monitoring
Network Camera Security Monitoring Solution for Home & Business.
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Wi-Fi Network Solution
Trapeze Networks 多元化的無線區域網路的系統整合方案 Trapeze Networks的Smart Mobile 的無線區域網路系統,提供企業用戶更多元化的無線產品運用,不僅能有效擴大用戶現有網路應用系統的使用效率和功\能延展,同時也能使用戶在運用各式新型行動通訊應用時,會滿意於高成長行動通訊的快速應用。
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CRM provides a complete set of CRM capabilities, such as - Sales force automation - Customer support & service - Marketing automation - Inventory management - Activity management - Security management - Calendaring - E-mail integration
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